ROS/Gazebo Wide-angle Camera (360º)

asked 2016-07-25 12:09:23 -0600

ffsephirot gravatar image

Hi, I need to do a 360 camera with gazebo and ROS to do a mapping of a place, I know is easier to do with a normal unidirectional camera, but for my purpose it should be a wide-angle camera, and I am looking for information to change the FOV or the parameters of the camera, but I´m seeing that is nearly impossible for me. I tryed to understand the libraries of any camera on ROS and also tryed to change the FOV from a .world in gazebo. Also tryed to follow this tutorial: and nothing but errors occour to me. Maybe because I'm using gazebo 2? But I found that I need to use this version with ROS Indigo

Please, any help? Maybe a tutorial of developing a camera sensor from 0. It would help to understand how a simulated camera works. Maybe then I could do mine. I would appreciate any help, I'm getting quite desperate with this.

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