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UbuntuARM on Raspberry B+ [closed]

asked 2016-07-24 16:09:09 -0500

barrowwight gravatar image

I have the raspberry pi B+ (1.0, the one before the 2) and there are different instructions for installation on the B+. Why cannot I use the UbuntuARM installation on the B+? From my (limited) knowledge, the underlying framework is the same, but the 2 just has a better processor. What gives?

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answered 2016-07-24 16:11:28 -0500

barrowwight gravatar image

Never Mind, I figured out that the ROSBerryPi method is REQUIRED when installing on Raspbian, the UbuntuARM only works if you can run pure Ubuntu, which the B+ cannot because of processing power.

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