kinect V2 Test failed!

asked 2016-07-21 00:48:04 -0500

WuJeff gravatar image

I followed the installing tutorials and configured the kinect V2 on the ubuntu 14.04,But when I roslaunch kinect2_bridge kinect2_bridge.launch,It appeared errors like this:

[Info] [Freenect2Impl] found 0 devices
[ERROR] [1469078610.640935165]: [Kinect2Bridge::initDevice] no Kinect2 devices found!
[ERROR] [1469078610.643123989]: [Kinect2Bridge::start] Initialization failed!
[FATAL] [1469078610.652032556]: Service call failed!

I don't know what's the matter! please help me!

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Is this because the kinect v2 device node isn't added to the user group!if it is,while I don't know what the device node belongs to?

WuJeff gravatar image WuJeff  ( 2016-07-21 00:50:42 -0500 )edit