Explore the Gazebo World (turtlebot)

asked 2016-07-09 16:32:24 -0500

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I'm having a couple of inter-related problems working through the Explore the Gazebo World Turtlebot tutorial ( http://wiki.ros.org/turtlebot_gazebo/... ). The main problem is #2 below.

  1. Step 3 says to perform the steps from the Gazebo Bringup Guide ( http://wiki.ros.org/turtlebot_gazebo/... ). Then, in Step 4, their's a contradiction. Step 4 says that the world is empty, whereas, after the Gazebo Bringup Guide, the world has five objects in it. Then Step 4 suggests adding objects to the world.

  2. Step 4 shows RViz displaying the objects that appear in Gazebo (in both the main and Image panes). That's not what I'm experiencing. I don't see any objects in RViz: neither the 5 objects that were present when I brought up Gazebo in Step 3, nor any objects that I manually add in Gazebo.

So, why isn't RViz showing the objects that are showing in Gazebo? How can I get RViz to do that?

BTW, I'm using Ros Indigo on Ubuntu 14.04 running on a Mac with OS 10.9.4 and Parallels 11.

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