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How to use Mocap_pose_estimate for sending Optitrach mocap pose data to fcu

asked 2016-06-30 16:56:26 -0500

automate gravatar image

I wish to send Optitrack mocap pose data (using vrpn_client_ros) to Pixhawk FCU through mavros_extras - mocap_pose_estimate plugin. However I do not see an executable made for mocap_pose_estimate plugin. So how do I use it ?

How to use that mocap_pose_estimate? Do I need to add executables for that in the CMakeLists.txt?

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-06-30 17:20:51 -0500

It is a plugin so you have to load into mavros node using a yaml as done here.

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Thanks for the reply @tonybaltovski. But I dont get it completely. I added mocap_pose_estimate in the px4flow_pluiglists.yaml file and launched the px4flow.launch. I do not think that is the right way. Can you please explain in detail on how to use the mocap_pose_estimate pluigin?

automate gravatar image automate  ( 2016-07-01 09:15:16 -0500 )edit

I edited apm_pluiginlists.yaml file. I moved mocap_pose_estimate from blacklist list to whitelist. As a result of that now on running mavros I can see "Pluigin mocap_pose_estimate" loaded and initialized. However I dont yet get it. What is the next step? Plugin needs to subscribe to pose and tf.How

automate gravatar image automate  ( 2016-07-01 10:45:59 -0500 )edit

I am facing the same problem. Did u find a way to make it working?

stefrob gravatar image stefrob  ( 2016-09-21 08:54:03 -0500 )edit

Did you find the solution?

mario1577 gravatar image mario1577  ( 2017-05-22 21:39:56 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-10-02 23:01:27 -0500

JBannwarth gravatar image

You need to publish the pose to the "/mavros/mocap/pose" topic.

Either write your own code to do it or use an existing ROS node.

As an example, let's use the "mocap_optitrack" package.

Edit mocap.yaml to publish the pose to "/mavros/mocap/pose" by modifying the following lines:

        pose: /mavros/mocap/pose

You can leave the rest as default.

Run mavros ( roslaunch mavros px4.launch ) and mocap_optitrack ( roslaunch mocap_optitrack mocap.launch ), and your FCU should receive mocap data.

You might need to increase the baud-rate of the connection between your PC and the Pixhawk in order to get this to work.

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HI @JBannwarth, Using ArduCopter 3.5 - I published mavros/mocap/pose topic - My FC change to GPS-3d fix and also receive the eph/epv/sats but it show me that the copter is in (0,0) global location. No matter how I change the (x,y,z) in the mocap topic, the copter doesn't move. what's wrong?

JustFineD gravatar image JustFineD  ( 2017-11-12 13:24:29 -0500 )edit

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