select joint_state message information to string

asked 2016-06-13 04:53:33 -0500

peterlin300 gravatar image

HI! everyone

I am try to control my own real robot arms by moveit,and i saw i can subscribe fake_controller_joint_states from google group.Then i can get some information like which joint move how much angle.

How could i change or choose these callback information (joint_state) to string,then i can send it to the micro_controller(not arduino) by serial port,please teach me how to do or any ideal ?

number1: 1=left_arm , 2=right_arm number2: 0=stop , 1=move


String:[1,1,30,30,30,30,30,30] means control the left_arm move the all six joint 30 degrees
String:[2,1,60,60,60,60,60,60] means control the right_arm move the all six joint 60 degrees

Thanks for any help and ideals,best regard!

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