how to get a non-ROS robot's position in a known map stored in a ROS master server?

asked 2016-05-26 10:12:37 -0500

VEGETA gravatar image

I want to achieve this basic idea: I have a server/laptop running ROS master with required tools to calculate a 3D map based on Kinect sensor data. I want to build that map with the server and send required data to swarm robots that doesn't have ROS in them.

So that these robots can navigate autonomously and safely based on the calculated map.

I arrived at the core of the problem which is the following:

1- I must get the position of the swarm robot in the map accurately. 2- When the position is with me, track the robot all the time and record it's place in the map in real-time (or fast enough). 3- Now, what is the required values/readings/data that I must send to that robot in order to navigate safely?

Please help!


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