errors launching a package in ROS+OpenEmbedded

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I have been working on porting Kobuki packages into meta-ros to get it to work as i feel that this is something many people and myself could use for test and prototyping. I successfully build my minimal ROS image plus the Kobuki pkgs (kobuki_node) and all of the dependencies. Problem is occurring after the system is booted with the image and I try to launch the Kobuki's minimal.launch. I setup my environment, run roscore in background and then launch the file.

I get the following errors:

Failed to load nodelet [/mobile_base] of type [kobuki_node/KobukiNodelet] even after refreshing the cache: According to the loaded plugin descriptions the class kobuki_node/KobukiNodelet with base class type nodelet::Nodelet does not exist.

I have the nodelet package included in my image though. Then I get Unable to find Analyzer class diagnostic_aggregator/GenericAnalyzer. Check the Analyzer is fully declared. errors.

I have also included diagnostics_aggregator, etc. into my image.

PS: Also rospack is included in the image, but rospack find command for any package name incl. those pkgs that are recognised by roslaunch returns: Package does not exist... << or something like this.

does anyone have any idea of what's going on?


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