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Turtlebot 2 kinect type(xbox360 version or PC version?)

asked 2016-05-22 23:05:25 -0500

mailspeed gravatar image

Hi, I'm tring to build a turtlebot 2 by myself instead of buying one on Clearpath. When considering buying a kinect, there're 2 types available, one for xbox360, and another PC version. Which one should I take? Or do they both work fine.

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-05-23 02:17:50 -0500

Horse-man gravatar image

updated 2016-05-23 21:15:11 -0500

I bought once an old Kinect for XBOX 360 for less than 80$ and it worked fine.

In the Microsoft website, they said to prefer Kinect for PC because it contains improvement on the SDK and the API... but, naturally, this the Windows SDK, not the Linux one, which means that it's the same for ROS users to use Kinect for XBOX or Kinect for PC (unless you are using ROS for Windows which is not a stable version)

My advice, if you want to buy a new Kinect, is to prefer the Kinect v2 for XBOX ONE, which is better than Kinect v1 for XBOX 360 :

  • HD resolution: 1960x1028 30fps (compared to 640x480 for v1)
  • Larger range depth sensor: 512x424 (compared to 320x240)
  • Larger field of view: 70x60 degrees (compared to 57x43)
  • USB 3.0 support

And of course, this version is compatible with ROS

The actual price of Kinect v2 including the USB adapter is 150$.

If you prefer to although to buy Kinect for XBOX 360, make sure it includes the USB adapter.


  • It seems that v2 doesn't include a tilt motor anymore!
  • Don't forget that v2 has more power consumption than v1
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Thanks a lot for your answer and advice. It's really helpful. I've been always wondering wether Kinect v2 will work with ROS or not, cause there really wasn't much mention about this in the Turtlebot tutorial.

mailspeed gravatar image mailspeed  ( 2016-05-23 04:26:44 -0500 )edit

@Horse-man: here are several information just wrong! Kinect v1 supports 1280x960@<15fps, too. Kinect v1 has a Title motor, Kinect v2 does not! The effective resolution of Kinect v1 is about 220x170. Using Kinect v2 on a robot is a bad idea: extreme noise, reflections and more power consumption.

MichaelKorn gravatar image MichaelKorn  ( 2016-05-23 06:03:10 -0500 )edit

Ah thank you @MichaelKorn for these informations. To be honest, I never tried v2 so I didn't know for the noise and reflections. Theorically it seems good, but in practice, as you said, we need to deal with extra power consumption, and extra computations.

Horse-man gravatar image Horse-man  ( 2016-05-23 21:11:21 -0500 )edit

@Horse-man: I had high expectations, too. But I'm very disappointed by Kinect v2. Kinect v1 has a low spatial resolution but due to structured light you get at each position good data or no data, but never wrong data.

MichaelKorn gravatar image MichaelKorn  ( 2016-05-24 06:25:10 -0500 )edit

Further disadvantage of Kinect v2: The distances depend on the surface color, too. Dark surfaces have a larger distance.

MichaelKorn gravatar image MichaelKorn  ( 2016-05-24 06:26:58 -0500 )edit

Ah i see @MichaelKorn, thanks a lot, I was planning to buy one! In their website, Microsoft said that it can track more articulations (I was planning to use it for detecting gestures). But if the distances are not so accurate, it will lead to false mapping I suppose?

Horse-man gravatar image Horse-man  ( 2016-05-24 19:49:11 -0500 )edit

@Horse-man: It depends very strong on material and angles. For detecting gestures the kinect v2 should be fine. Alternatively you can take a look at the new Intel SR300, which was build for detecting gestures in short range (<120cm).

MichaelKorn gravatar image MichaelKorn  ( 2016-05-25 04:44:22 -0500 )edit

Ah yes i've seen the Intel SR300, but still the short range is a problem in my case and I think Kinect is more suitable for a mobile robot since it can detect the full body joints from a range of 3 to 4m

Horse-man gravatar image Horse-man  ( 2016-05-25 22:20:44 -0500 )edit

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