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Bumblebee XB3 Stereo Vision

asked 2016-05-18 14:30:13 -0600

synapsido gravatar image

Can someone give me a tutorial or a example for using the PTGrey's Bumblebee XB3 Stereo Vision camera...?

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answered 2017-09-18 04:45:13 -0600

RDaneelOlivaw gravatar image

updated 2018-05-01 01:55:38 -0600

jayess gravatar image

Hi, I created a simulation using Jackal robot from clearpath that has already a bumblebee, in this case the version 2. You can see the video response here.

It has all the image topics running and you just have to start the stereo vision package. Fro that I used the ROS package stereo_image_proc. It can be used for any stereo vision camera. You may have to tweek the parameters, but in the case of the bumblebee, it worked out of the box.

So there are two steps to have it all working:

  • The first one is launch the stereo_image_proc node. To do so you just have to remap the topics to the ones of your robot in particular. The file is start_stereovision.launch, see below.
  • The second step is to launch the ImageDisparity visualiser. RVIZ doesnt support that type of image and tehrefore you will have to use a node specificaly for that. This is from the package image_view, the node stereo_view. The file is start_stereovision_disparityimage.launch, see below.


    <node pkg="stereo_image_proc" type="stereo_image_proc" name="" respawn="true">
        <remap from="left/image_raw" to="/front/left/image_raw" />
        <remap from="left/camera_info" to="/front/left/camera_info" />
        <remap from="right/image_raw" to="/front/right/image_raw" />
        <remap from="right/camera_info" to="/front/right/camera_info" />

And here is the launch file for the disparity Gui.


    <node pkg="image_view" type="stereo_view" name="" respawn="true" output="screen">    
        <remap from="stereo" to="/"/>
        <remap from="image" to="image_rect"/>

Hoped it was usefull ;) .

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