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rostopic pub - {stamp:now} vs --rate

asked 2016-04-26 16:31:37 -0500

I would like publish a continuous flow messages on a topic from the terminal. In order to do that I use the --rate argument of the rostopic tool. However my message type contains a header field that I would like to fill automatically.

The ros documentation says that you can fill the header stamp automatically (ref) in this way:

$ rostopic pub my_topic my_msgs/StampedMsg '{header: auto}'

However, it looks that the timestamp field does not update when it is used with the --rate parameter. Instead it remains constant with the stamp of the first message of the flow.

$ rostopic pub my_topic my_msgs/StampedMsg '{header: auto}' --rate 5

Is there any way to use rostopic so that the stamp field is automatically filled and dynamically updated?

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-02-27 13:04:18 -0500

bigbellmercy gravatar image

updated 2023-02-11 08:50:52 -0500

lucasw gravatar image

In the link 'ros_comm#55' of the post of Martin, there is the solution.

Add -s option in the rostopic pub command line.

rostopic pub my_topic my_msgs/StampedMsg '{header: auto}' --rate 5 -s
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answered 2016-04-27 07:39:48 -0500

updated 2016-04-27 07:41:52 -0500

Yes, that's a bug in rostopic that I reported about 5 years ago: ros_comm#55. So the best workaround is probably to just write a 5-line python script that does the publishing.

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