How can I use a non-native resolution calibration with ar_pose?

asked 2016-04-25 14:30:09 -0500

dunmatt gravatar image

Hello all, I'm trying to use ar_pose with a fisheye lens on a GigE Vision camera (specifically, a Vimba). Since the lens doesn't expose the whole sensor I am left with a choice, either use with very poor x coverage, or set the region of interest in the camera to only send back the square of pixels that actually contain information and calibrate on that. I tried it the first way first with mediocre results so I'm trying it the second way now but I'm hitting a problem; when I hit Store to store the calibration parameters in the camera it errors out because the resolution of the calibration doesn't match the resolution of the sensor.

What I want to do is use the camera with the reduced region of interest, but change the node that ar_pose gets the camera_info topic from (currently it's from the driver that gets the info from the camera, I want to replace it with something that reads it from disk). I don't think that's too hard to do, I'm just a ROS newb.

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