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ROS Nav Stack - Obtaining correct heading at the goal without final pointturn

asked 2016-04-21 14:20:36 -0500

dkohanba gravatar image

Hi I am using ROS Indigo with the Navigation stack on a holonomic vehicle. The planning overall seems to work

However, once the robot reaches the XY goal it does a final pointturn. Is there a way to have it plan an arc so that when the destination is reached the heading is already correct?

It also seems to now like holonomic motions. Is there a way to bias the planner to use more holonomic motions (note: the planner has holonomic set to true).


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1 Answer

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answered 2016-04-22 16:27:04 -0500

spmaniato gravatar image

For the first part of your question (heading), you can try setting the global_planner's orientation filter to ForwardThenInterpolate (maybe experiment with all of them). You can read what each filter does here: GlobalPlanner.cfg

It looks like you'll have to use dynamic_reconfigure in order to set the filter.

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Thanks. I will try that.

dkohanba gravatar image dkohanba  ( 2016-04-25 11:38:41 -0500 )edit

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