ros::package::getPath in eclipse

asked 2016-04-19 23:01:47 -0500

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Hey guys,

i have some packages and nodes. I added the whole project to eclipse and it works like a charme. I followed the instructions and set up all pathes and dependencies.

But i notices some problems. When build with


in terminal and then run in eclipse everthing works perfekt.

But when building with eclipse, the following line gives an error while execution:

std::string path = ros::package::getPath("collision_detection") + "/shader/" + filename;


 [rospack] Error: package 'collision_detection' not found
 [librospack]: error while executing command

Are the any missing pathes in my environment? does anyone ever heard of that issue?

Thanks for your help

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How do you start eclipse? Try starting it with the command line. It seems that ros environmental variables are not loaded (i.e. .bashrc).

rastaxe gravatar image rastaxe  ( 2016-04-20 02:32:29 -0500 )edit

Hey thanks for your reply, i start eclipse within a terminal just calling "eclipse".

But i notices that i have to go to my catkin worksapce and run "source devel/setup.bash" before calling "eclipse". Then everything if sound correctly. THANKS

Nyu gravatar image Nyu  ( 2016-04-20 14:26:56 -0500 )edit

you can add it in the .bashrc file. This avoids to type it everytime.

rastaxe gravatar image rastaxe  ( 2016-04-21 02:15:24 -0500 )edit