Running fovis_ros on Hydro

asked 2016-04-04 06:57:47 -0500

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I want to get odometry data from Kinect data. It seems the only solution around is using fovis_ros. After playing the bag file, which contains Kinect data, I run fovis_ros node:

ros@ubuntu:~/catkin_ws$ rosrun fovis_ros fovis_mono_depth_odometer 
[ INFO] [1459769317.003168875]: Subscribing to:
    * /camera/rgb/image_rect
    * /camera/depth_registered/image_rect
    * /camera/rgb/camera_info
    * /camera/depth_registered/camera_info

Here is the problem: I can provide /camera/rgb/image_rect and /camera/rgb/camera_info topics using by using image_proc node:

ros@ubuntu:~/catkin_ws$ ROS_NAMESPACE=camera/rgb rosrun image_proc image_proc

But for other two /camera/depth_registered/image_rect and /camera/depth_registered/camera_info I don't know what can help me.

Here is what I got after running fovis_ros:

[ WARN] [1459769332.179491016, 1333736343.997718054]: [stereo_processor] Low number of synchronized image/depth/image_info/depth_info tuples received.
Images received:            404 (topic '/camera/rgb/image_rect')
Depth images received:      0 (topic '/camera/depth_registered/image_rect')
Image camera info received: 400 (topic '/camera/rgb/camera_info')
Depth camera info received: 0 (topic '/camera/depth_registered/camera_info')
Synchronized tuples: 0

The other thing is, what is image/depth/image_info/depth_info in the first line of that message?

I'm using ROS Hydro and here are details of the bag file:

version:     2.0
duration:    11:07s (667s)
start:       Apr 06 2012 11:15:29.32 (1333736129.32)
end:         Apr 06 2012 11:26:36.96 (1333736796.96)
size:        17.5 GB
messages:    321016
compression: none [19905/19905 chunks]
types:       geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped     [953b798c0f514ff060a53a3498ce6246]
             nav_msgs/Odometry                           [cd5e73d190d741a2f92e81eda573aca7]
             pr2_mechanism_controllers/BaseOdometryState [8a483e137ebc37abafa4c26549091dd6]
             pr2_mechanism_controllers/Odometer          [1f1d53743f4592ee455aa3eaf9019457]
             sensor_msgs/CameraInfo                      [c9a58c1b0b154e0e6da7578cb991d214]
             sensor_msgs/Image                           [060021388200f6f0f447d0fcd9c64743]
             sensor_msgs/Imu                             [6a62c6daae103f4ff57a132d6f95cec2]
             sensor_msgs/LaserScan                       [90c7ef2dc6895d81024acba2ac42f369]
             std_msgs/Bool                               [8b94c1b53db61fb6aed406028ad6332a]
             tf/tfMessage                                [94810edda583a504dfda3829e70d7eec]
topics:      /base_odometry/odom             61481 msgs    : nav_msgs/Odometry                          
             /base_odometry/odometer           667 msgs    : pr2_mechanism_controllers/Odometer         
             /base_odometry/state              667 msgs    : pr2_mechanism_controllers/BaseOdometryState
             /base_scan                      13332 msgs    : sensor_msgs/LaserScan                      
             /camera/depth/camera_info       19902 msgs    : sensor_msgs/CameraInfo                     
             /camera/depth/image_raw         19901 msgs    : sensor_msgs/Image                          
             /camera/rgb/camera_info         19920 msgs    : sensor_msgs/CameraInfo                     
             /camera/rgb/image_raw           19920 msgs    : sensor_msgs/Image                          
             /robot_pose_ekf/odom_combined   17410 msgs    : geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped    
             /tf                             67716 msgs    : tf/tfMessage                                (2 connections)
             /tilt_scan                      13331 msgs    : sensor_msgs/LaserScan                      
             /torso_lift_imu/data            66768 msgs    : sensor_msgs/Imu                            
             /torso_lift_imu/is_calibrated       1 msg     : std_msgs/Bool
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