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ROS running on Raspberry PI 3

asked 2016-03-22 08:48:03 -0500

balduros gravatar image


I'm new to both ROS and Raspberry PI and need some good advice.

The software I want to run, has originally been written for the Raspberry PI 2.

Do you know if I will be able to run some ROS software written for RPi2 directly on the RPi3?

Specifically, I'm talking about .

Thanks and regards, Andreas

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3 Answers

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answered 2016-03-22 18:53:23 -0500

NetBUG gravatar image

I haven't received my RPi 3 yet but as I see from documentation, there is nothing that should break backwards compatibility.

The only thing about it is in excessive heat generation: try to benefit from infinite heatsink around your underwater vehicle :)

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Hello, I plan to use RPi 3 for better performance in my project, but the problem I think is that we can use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in RPi2 which provides easy way to install ROS. Installing ROS in Rasbian is so difficult. Can we still use same Ubuntu in RPi 3? I am not sure.

lightbulb gravatar image lightbulb  ( 2016-03-23 10:09:51 -0500 )edit

1) Yes, you can choose between Ubuntu MATE ( ) and original 32-bit Ubuntu: 64-bit for ARM has not become stable yet. 2) ROS on Debian is not that hard to implement :)

NetBUG gravatar image NetBUG  ( 2016-03-23 12:25:51 -0500 )edit

Thank you, but I still have two questions. First, I use indigo, but it only support OS up to 14.04. But most ubuntu on pi3 are higher than 14.04. Maybe jade can be installed in them, but some packages are still flaw in jade. Second, I don't know if packages are well supported in Debian?

lightbulb gravatar image lightbulb  ( 2016-03-23 12:58:01 -0500 )edit

I can just use apt-get to install them or I have to compile them by myself?

lightbulb gravatar image lightbulb  ( 2016-03-23 12:59:30 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-07-31 14:10:12 -0500

Marcin Bogdanski gravatar image

updated 2016-07-31 14:11:41 -0500

I'm running ROS Jade on RPi2 (Ubuntu 14.04) and ROS Kinetic on RPi3 (Ubuntu Mate 16.04) without any problems.

Note that by default hardware serial on RPi3 is connected to bluetooth. I didn't figure out how to break it out yet. Other than that all works great. Tested with Hokuyo laser scanner, usb_cam, etc. The heat is a bit of an issue, but at 50% CPU utilisation RPi2 is running at ~60C without problems.

Also, note that latest Ubuntu 16.04 for RPi3 is not stable yet (tested couple weeks back), thus using Ubuntu Mate.

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answered 2016-07-30 00:27:46 -0500

I have just installed ROS indigo (on one Raspberry Pi 3) and ROS Kinetic (on another Raspberry Pi 3). I did it using NOOBS and I installed ROS Jessie (Recommended on both). I am facing too many problems. I am unable to run anything from it. Basically, I am trying to run dynamixel motors. It seems that it is not easy to configure Raspberry Pi 3 for ROS for such projects.

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asalam o alaikum bhai jan. Do you mean you used "Raspbian Jessie" ? You wrote "ROS Jessie". Just confirming.

submetu gravatar image submetu  ( 2016-07-31 11:49:12 -0500 )edit

Yes, I am using Respbian Jessie. Some people are saying that it is working fine but it took me one whole day for installation and figuring out all the problems. Also, I needed an extra disk to create a swap because the installation required too much RAM. Honesty, I don't recommend Pi3 for ROS.

Abdul Mannan gravatar image Abdul Mannan  ( 2016-08-19 19:38:36 -0500 )edit

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