Simple GPS logging with Husky

asked 2016-03-02 02:28:43 -0500

tercelkisor gravatar image

Hello all,

I am currently attempting to have a husky move in some arbitrary path (a square for now) while logging or the GPS coordinates at each turn. I'm new to python and ros, and c++ is totally foreign to me, so it's a little overwhelming. I've been able to write a script that moves a simulated husky around however I like, but the GPS part is stumping me.

I've read through so many questions and wiki pages, but I think I'm just no familiar enough with ros to even understand exactly what I'm reading. Could someone provide a breakdown of each sub-task that must be completed to accomplish my goal?

please be as basic as possible. I'm not even positive that I'm creating a work space correctly, though I guess running a python script that controls the husky means that something is right.

Here is a version of my code with some GPS quesswork added in. I know it's probably not even close.

square w/ gps attempt1


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