how to pass integer signal from vrep to ROS

asked 2016-03-01 10:04:40 -0500

ansin gravatar image

hello ,

i have been trying to pass integer signal (res here is the result of detection 0 or 1 or nil)

res,dist=simReadProximitySensor(noseSensor) simSetIntegerSignal('result signal',res)

but in ros m trying to get the signal by two ways:- ROS services:-

ros::ServiceClient client; vrep_common::simRosGetIntegerSignal srv; client=node.serviceClient<vrep_common::simrosgetintegersignal>("/vrep/simRosGetIntegerSignal"); srv.request.signalName="res";

No output:- executabl is created but while copying the executable it says "text file busy"

and secondly,i want it to with the help of subscriber and publisher.

can anybody help me here?

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