Diagnostic aggregator Analyzer plugins are not running

asked 2016-02-18 07:59:33 -0500

juls gravatar image

Hello everyone. I have the following problem: I created a ros nodelet which inherits diagnostics::diagnostic_aggregator. The analyzer plugins are properly configured and loaded in the parameter server under my nodelet's namespace. Despite the fact that running rqt_graph it displays that my nodelet publishes in /diagnostic_agg topic, when i run "rostopic echo /diagnostic_agg" nothing appears, which means that my analyzers report methods does not work as they should.

I also need to note, that the same analyzer plugins were tested in a common diagnostics::diagnostic_aggregator node, and properly publish in /diagnostic_agg topic.

What am i doing wrong??? Also when i am trying to debug the plugin code from Qt, the breakpoints entered in the analyzers' code are "ignored"....meaning that i cannot step into analyzers code. Thank you in advance.

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