image_transport won't use custom built compressed_image_transport plugin

asked 2016-01-27 11:09:52 -0500

lpoff gravatar image

I am using ros with my custom built OpenCV as well as a custom build cv_bridge. When I tried to use the compressed_image_transport in a node that was using the custom built opencv and cv_bridge, I would get a seg fault. I fixed this problem by recompiling the compressed_image_transport and linking it against the new opencv and cv_bridge libs. Now my problem is when I use the compressed transport with a node that is not using opencv or my custom built cv_bridge, is causes a seg fault. Is there any way I can use both my version of the transport and the ros version interchangeably? I would really prefer if both worked. Is there a way for image_transport perhaps to see my custom built compressed transport as a different plugin perhaps?

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