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How to create a ROS package using the Oculus SDK

asked 2016-01-21 02:13:29 -0500

admalkhaja gravatar image

Hello all,

I am currently working on a project to make a ROS package for the oculus rift dK2 using the SDK on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 since i can't find any that works on ROS Indigo. Can anyone please explain to me the process or how can i make a ros package myself.

Thanks all,

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answered 2016-07-21 04:31:28 -0500

if you have ros installed and sourced (source /opt/ros/indigo/setup.bash -> replace indigo with your ros distribution) then simply using catkin_create_pkg should be sufficient, however it takes arguments:

catkin_create_pkg ros_dependency1 ros_dependecy2 name_of_my_package

This macro will create a template package for you with all required dependencies, package structure and ready for you to fill in the details.

please check also for a more detailed explanation on how to create a package.


if your node is going to be on python perhaps the command will look like this:

catkin_create_pkg rospy my_ros_pkg

if your node is on c++:

catkin_create_pkg roscpp my_ros_pkg

PD: you might want to check as they have something similar to what you want to do

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