Oculus rviz plugin - point cloud following Oculus view? [closed]

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Hi everyone!

I'm making a proyect with the Oculus Rift and the Oculus rviz plugin and i have a visualization problem. In the demonstration videos ( http://youtu.be/APs56y58ndE ) its easily appreciated how the depth image of the kinect follows the visual of the Oculus Rift device. I'm in pursue of a similar objective, but i'm not quite achieving it. The image obtained by the kinect stays fixed in space as i move the Oculus, finally losing its sight. I've tried fixing the point where the oculus rift is looking at and fixing the kinct image on that point, as this should be enough for my project, but this has given unsuccessful results.

I'm a relativly new user of ROS and rviz and perhaps the solution is easy. I'd appreciate any help i could get in this matter.

Thanks in advance!

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