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How to communicate between multiple ROS master?

asked 2016-01-01 23:23:57 -0600

somebodyus gravatar image

updated 2016-01-01 23:24:40 -0600

I have two PCs in one robot. The PCs are connected using one router. PC1 is selected as ROS master.

I have another two PCs in another robot. The PCs are connected using another router. PC3 is selected as ROS master.

How to communicate between the ROS sub-networks? How to avoid name conflict?

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I think...the idea behind networking is that you have only ONE master and so many slaves as you desire. But to let many masters to communicate each other is not a function of ROS. I think you cannot. Or you must create some communications packets on your own.

Andromeda gravatar image Andromeda  ( 2016-01-02 15:41:40 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-01-04 22:03:33 -0600

You will need to use something like multimaster_fkie or rocon_multimaster and namespace each of your robots. You can take a look at this answer about the namespacing.

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