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How to pause a mobile robot during navigation?

asked 2015-12-30 04:54:05 -0600

somebodyus gravatar image

Dear all,

How to pause a mobile robot during navigation? How to make the robot restore after the pause?

In my application, I expect the robot can pause for some while after I set the navigation goal. And restore into the navigation process after the pause.

I am now using turtlebot with ROS navigation stack.

Best Regards, Jack

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answered 2016-01-08 09:27:56 -0600

mgruhler gravatar image

AFAIK, this is not currently not possible with the navigation stack.

What do you mean by "pause"? Just standing still?

If yes, there are several ways how to do this. IMHO, the prefered one would probably be do implement a service in the base controller which let's you de/activate reacting to any velocity commands from the navigation stack.

If you need to drive around, you could use the twist_mux node and have something with higher priority then the navigation but lower then what else you need, which is sending zeros.

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