Using two kinects

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I'm using ROS indigo with two kinects. I have configued openni_camera and the launch file of using two kinects.

However, different from the feasible usage example above, I met problems when launching the multi_kinect launch file. The three files I used: (file1, file2, file3) are the same with those in the link.

The problem:

image description

But I can roslaunch each of the Kinect with freenect.launch.

Thanks very much!

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Are you using Openni or freenect to launch. I never had any luck with openni, make sure you are 2 different usb bus also you error report is to hard to read just copy the text and use the format options

Peter Heim gravatar image Peter Heim  ( 2015-12-29 00:11:25 -0500 )edit