Need clarification on diff_drive_controller

asked 2015-12-20 18:21:13 -0600

hauptmech gravatar image

I'm trying to use diff_drive_controller for a platform with 4 driven wheels and it's slowly dawning on me that the controller is a poor choice. Before I walk away from it can someone confirm what my current understanding is?

  1. It's not a controller (it closes no loop). Why didn't they use the transmission interface? It seems like that might be a better spot for it in the ros_control framework.

  2. The fact that it accepts multiple wheel axis per side, and has a skid-steer example on the wiki is all a red herring. It has no internal model of a platform with more than 2 wheels on the ground. It almost feels like someone copied some equations without understanding the model and assumptions underneath them...

Does this sound about right? Maybe I'm missing something....

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