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offboard reject error

asked 2015-12-11 03:11:55 -0500

newtoros gravatar image

updated 2015-12-28 00:52:34 -0500

Hi to all,

I am using Ros Indigo in Ubuntu 14.04. My mavros version is as for pixhawk version it is latest one which I updated it on 20 Dec 2015.

For my offboard control project, I can using 3DR 433Mhz radio connected to pixhawk to transfer the code from computer to pixhawk.But I encounter a problem when switching to auto mode in RC controller, it tend to reject the auto mode and switch back to manual mode and back to auto mode again and back to manual mode . As the pixhawk light keep switching from green to blue back to green the back to blue again.

The frequency I publish to setpoint topics is 100Hz .And the topics published are /mavros/setpoint/cmd_vel

The code I type in is

roslaunch mavros px4.launch fcu_url:='/dev/ttyUSB0:57600'

then I type in rostopic echo -n1 /diagnostics

The code shown are

Next I type in rosrun hexrotor offboard The Roslaunch output is

It is working fine but after a while the error occur

[ERROR] [1449822927.011620861]: FCU: REJECT OFFBOARD

Is there any way to make the copter stay at auto mode ? Thanks

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-01-04 20:37:55 -0500

lv gravatar image

The flight controller needs a stream of setpoint messages before the commander accepts offboard mode. Make sure the flight controller gets a stream of setpoints (0.5s timeout) before you switch to offboard mode. The system will reject offboard otherwise.

More details in

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answered 2015-12-12 08:15:52 -0500

vooon gravatar image
  1. With what frequency you publish to setpoint topics? Also please list which topics do you use.
  2. What versions of px4 firmware and mavros used?
  3. Please dump result of that command:

    rostopic echo -n1 /diagnostics

  4. Please dump full roslaunch output, not only FCU message.

I think you may use services like pastebin or edit first post.

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After I type in rostopic echo -n1 /diagnostics

The code shown are

Next I type in rosrun hexrotor offboard

The Roslaunch output is

newtoros gravatar image newtoros  ( 2015-12-30 08:33:45 -0500 )edit

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