Example codes for sending velocity commands to Iris+ over mavlink

asked 2017-06-01 18:31:47 -0500

quadropter-apprentice gravatar image


I'm trying to make a 3DR Iris+ fly itself -- to follow an object. My setup is

1) Odroid XU4 running trusty, OpenCV 3.0, ROS jade, 2) Have a sample node that is running on the Odorid and can consume ROS image message, over cv_bridge, from a camera. What this sample ROS node does is basically analyzing images from a camera to make the Iris follow an object. The output of this sample node is the location of the object.

I'd like to have a ROS node that consumes the outputs from the sample node and send velocity commands to PX4 at the Iris+. I've been googling for a while to get any information, e.g., codes or tutorials, related to what I want to do, but it wasn't successful. So, it'd be great if any of you could give pointers where I can look for or some advices.


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