Velocity control from posestamp format of a 6 DOF robot

asked 2015-12-09 08:25:31 -0500

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I have a question about a problem which we are facing. We have a working 6DOF robot where we can place the end-effector by posestamp X,Y,Z. If we enter the position of the end-effector to position x,y,z this works in RVIZ correctly. I use the simulation of arbotix. Now we are in reality working with coply motors. These are driven by velocity. We have a slider where we can set the velocity of the coply motor. But this gives the velocity to the joint. However, we would like to control the position of the motors in x,y,z. We are using Moveit! which works with the arbotix simulator. For us in the project it is important to give in x,y,z position to the end-effector. However, by some choices we have to deal with cople velocity drivers and not with for example arbotix servo drivers. Can someone of you tell me how we could convert the x,y,z position in a simple way to velocity to control the coply drivers . We have seen that via the arbotix sim that when we enter an x,y,z position the joint are velocity driven. So somewhere in the setup we are have an velocity component. I would likt to know where and possible how. I was looking for Twist or odometry, but I am not sure about this options. So please help me to find the correct way to position my robot via x,y,z postition and velocity.


Marcel Weusthof

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