3d visualizing multiple GPS points on a vehicle

asked 2015-11-21 07:01:24 -0600

gakip gravatar image

Hello, I am a completely new to ROS and rviz. I wanted to ask a quick question to see if ROS can help me with my requirement. I work on a GPS and IMU logger system which logs position data of multiple points on a car. We do this on multiple cars. We post process this data to gather point to point distance. This is useful for advanced driving assistance systems testing, because it allows developers to have a independent data set where they can see speed, distance etc. data and tweak their algorithms. As the number of points gathered can be huge(upto 32), visualizing them is difficult. I was wondering if ROS 3d visualization can help me with this. Imagine a situation where I could draw a scale 3D model of multiple vehicles(accurate only in points of consideration), and as the vehicles move, GPS coordinates of points will change and thus I will be able to visualize all points on the system. This gives a more powerful visualization rather than just looking at multiple points and their distance from other points. Sorry if this is completely not related to ROS, but any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks

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