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turtlebot_teleop: control moving around keys

asked 2015-10-26 22:46:37 -0600

nampi gravatar image

Hi everyone,

I am going through the tutorials for the turtlebot simulation on Gazebo. I can make the robot move with the command. I see the on-screen instructions:

Control Your Turtlebot!
Moving around:
   u    i    o
   j    k    l
   m    ,    .
 q/z : increase/decrease max speeds by 10%
w/x : increase/decrease only linear speed by 10%
e/c : increase/decrease only angular speed by 10%
space key, k : force stop
anything else : stop smoothly
 CTRL-C to quit

I have movements:

  • u/o, m/. turn around a point,
  • j/l turn in place,
  • i/, move forward, backward.

What is the difference between u/o and m/.? How can I change these movements? For example, add move left, move right.


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1 Answer

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answered 2015-10-27 00:50:25 -0600

Akif gravatar image

You can see the bindings and change them as you wish in turtlebot_teleop/scripts/turtlebot_teleop_key (see )

For example, in binding 'm':(-1,-1), first element is x velocity, second one is angular velocity.

For your question,


u makes TurleBot move forward and rotate counter clockwise, while o makes it forward and clockwise. Same thing applies for m and . and others.

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Note that although you can update the directions commanded to include moving sideways. The wheels are rigidly mounted on the bottom of the vehicle in what's called a differential drive which means it cannot move sideways.

tfoote gravatar image tfoote  ( 2015-10-27 01:02:47 -0600 )edit

Yes, Tully is right for sure. @nampi, you need to change URDF and/or drive plugin to make it a holonomic base.

Akif gravatar image Akif  ( 2015-10-27 01:24:12 -0600 )edit

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