tum_ardrone - manual initialization of the PTAM map

asked 2015-10-26 22:10:43 -0600

quentin gravatar image

Hello everybody,

I am trying to use the tum_ardrone system in order to navigate in a known environment. Therefore, I have a 3D map of the building I want to do autonomous flights inside it. I would like to change the initialization part of the process, because it cannot be accurate enough and more important, it does not cover enough space.

Is it possible to replace the initialization of the PTAM process (space bar action in tum_ardrone) and to give directly to the system: 1) A list of the 3D global coordinates of my potential keypoints (corners, edges...), generates from my 3D map 2) The initial position of the drone, in global coordinates

If this sounds feasible, how can I implement it?

I have the feeling that I need to modify the initialization of the Trail object, but I don't completly understand what is required to so and where I need to act (Tracker.h, Tracker.cc...?

Thanks for your help! Quentin

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