camera calibration with non standard image size [closed]

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There was an error in the code used to visualize the estimates. No problem here.

I am trying to calibrate a mvBluefox-igc for a vision based estimator. When i run camera calibration a black bar appears at the bottom of the image in the window. So the images looks as if a bunch of zeroed rows were added to the bottom of the image.

I can get the calibration to work but I believe the coefficients that are returned are being corrupted by the empty rows at the bottom of the image.

The estimator misbehaves in a way that makes me believe that the estimated f_y is somehow larger than what it really is.

Would corrupted coefficients be effected by additional empty rows in the calibration image? All help is appreciated.

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I will be testing the estimator with a ps3 eye to verify the problem isnt in my code

holmes.kirby gravatar image holmes.kirby  ( 2015-10-16 23:27:44 -0500 )edit