GAZEBO ROS extremely slow runs on ubuntu 12.04 precise

asked 2015-10-07 08:04:03 -0500

AlptugruI-lYI gravatar image

Hi everyone! I m newbie to this platform, new I have installed GAZEBO 1.9.7 and ROS Hydro on ubuntu 12.04 precise. I have been investigating examples but I have seen extremely slow. For instance; firstly I issued "roslaunch gazebo_ros willowgarage_world.launch" command and it extremely late responded to my commands on the Gazebo GUI. as a result I could not even navigate on the gazebo window. meanwhile I m using Ati Radeon Graphics Card on my computer(I dont know there is a effect of Graphics card but I wrote). what do you think about slowness. How can I get rid of this one or make a profiling. I will be expecting your great advice.

Thanks in advance.

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