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installing and running gazebo

asked 2012-08-19 14:46:55 -0500

Vishnu gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:13:23 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

I have installed gazebo by downloading the gazebo 1.0.1 release. I followed the tutorials on Everything works fine until i use the command to roslaunch gazebo_worlds empty_world.launch to launch it. I even get a message that all rosdeps installed successfully but still its not launching. The error i get is "Error [] Unable to get topic namespaces in [50] tries. Error [] No namespace found /opt/ros/fuerte/stacks/simulator_gazebo/gazebo/scripts/gui: line 2: 2589 Segmentation fault (core dumped) rospack find gazebo/gazebo/bin/gzclient -g rospack find gazebo/lib/". Kindly help plz...........

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-10-03 08:57:58 -0500

@Vishnu You SHOULD NOT install gazebo like that - it is strictly NOT recommended. If you plan to use gazebo with ROS, then install ROS and then follow the gazebo tutorials. What you have achieved is a standalone installation of gazebo - for all I know, it will NOT work with ROS.

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