Depthimage_to_laserscan - does not return the middle of the depth image [closed]

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Hi Everyone,

For some odd reason my depthimage_to_laserscan on my Asus Xtion Pro Live is not using the default of the centre pixels for the scan. I am not using Openni2_launch with nodelets because for some reason the package does not find my drivers from openni2_camera. By the way this is all on a raspberry pi.

Therefore my work around was to create a launch file with the following:

  <node pkg="sensors" type="sensor_node" name="sensors" output="screen">

   <node pkg="openni2_camera" type="openni2_camera_node" name="image_stream">

   <node pkg="depthimage_to_laserscan" type="depthimage_to_laserscan" name="Las$

        <param name="scan_height" value="3.0"/>
        <param name="range_min" value="0.6"/>
        <param name="range_max" value="3.0"/>

        <remap from="image" to="image_stream/depth/image_raw"/>


Is there any problem with doing it this way? Is it the reason why firstly my scan is rotated 180 around the axis pointing out from the camera lens. (left is on the right right is on the left) and furthermore that the scan is being processed on the pixels at the bottom of the image.

The reason for my enquiry is that I can tilt the camera and the scan seems accurate with certain orientations.

The inaccuracy comes when I am facing a 90 degree wall at the centre as shown in this image:

Is this usual with depth cameras do they perceive the angles differently at that angle?

If Its viewing the corner parallel to one of the walls the angle is 90 degrees as expected shown here:

I Think this is related to the field of view being different at the different angles, would camera calibration maybe help.

[update] I have come to think that openni2_launch launches calibration files which calibrate the camera, and the way I do it there is no calibration? Any thoughts on this?

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