Information about ROS for UAV applications [closed]

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I am currently working on developing a software that would be used for interacting with Unmanned Air vehicles (UAV). As a part of the Software implementation, we are considering using a middleware for taking care of the underlying communication between the Ground station (Software) and the UAV. I have read about the communication scheme in ROS (Pub/Sub) but am not sure if the products meet the particular needs for UAV applications. The most critical feature is that the Wireless link between the UAV and the Ground station is weak and constantly fluctuating between 100 Kbits/sec and 3Mbits/sec. Will the communication work reliably in this situation and offer the desired Quality of Service. Is there any other product that specifically targets such applications where the link is weak and fluctuating. Also, a full set of features are not required for our implementation, just the basic functionalities would suffice. Please let me know if you need any other Information. It would be great if you can give me a detailed response.

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