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robot_state_publisher, for gazebo only or for actual robot?

asked 2015-08-20 15:52:52 -0600

kuku123 gravatar image

Hi all

The robot_state_publisher publishes transform (which is usually based on the URDF file specified). But when we are talking about the URDF file, we are usually talking about Gazebo, which is for simulation.

Ok. But if I want to do ACTUAL physical robot, do I still need to use robot_state_publisher to publishes transform? I am confused. If robot_state_publisher still publishes transform, what happen to the PHYSICAL base driver of the robot? From what I know, the base driver publishes odometry and transform as well. I am very confused.

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answered 2015-08-21 01:48:11 -0600

Akif gravatar image

URDF is not only for Gazebo, or just for simulation purposes. URDF defines your robot's physical dimensions, joints, constraints etc. Therefore robot_state_publisher publishes states of your link in your robot, not necessarily in simulation. For example, also for actual robot, it publishes tf data between your base_link and laser sensor link (like base_laser_link) using distances defined in URDF. You do not need to publish them separately by writing some nodes.

For joint states, if you can publish the states of your joints to joint_states topic, it can also publish those, not only static link distances.

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answered 2015-08-20 16:55:13 -0600

URDF is used by both to enable calculations to be performed.

'This package allows you to publish the state of a robot to tf. Once the state gets published, it is available to all components in the system that also use tf. The package takes the joint angles of the robot as input and publishes the 3D poses of the robot links, using a kinematic tree model of the robot.'

In simulation this is done using data generated by gazebo, for the real robot from data generated by sensors

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