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Travis CI with 14.04/Indigo and/or alternatives

asked 2015-08-12 04:15:32 -0600

updated 2015-08-12 09:50:49 -0600

Looking into continuous integration options, the obvious one is Travis CI. To my dismay I quickly discovered that it is really easy to use, but unfortunately the offered servers only run Ubuntu 12.04, so builds requiring Indigo/14.04 are not easily possible. There is a new Docker-based build environment in place (description here), but the limitation of not allowing running sudo makes things very complicated.

My questions thus are: Are there any solutions out there that make it possible to run 14.04/Indigo with Travis? How do other current options for CI compare to Travis? What I especially like about Travis is the fact that no (server) infrastructure has to be maintained by the user.

/edit: Just came across this question: instead of travis. Certainly sounds like an alternative, but no instructions for use with 14.04 so far either.

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-11-02 07:01:28 -0600

Felix Duvallet gravatar image

As of mid-October Travis supports Ubuntu 14.04 trusty! I've been running travis with ROS indigo without any problems.

To get running in a trusty build environment, you simply have to add the following to your .travis.yml file:

sudo: required
dist: trusty
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answered 2015-11-05 05:28:40 -0600

Andriy Petlovanyy gravatar image

updated 2015-11-05 05:50:23 -0600

Currently open source Shadow Robot's build tools support Travis CI, Shippable, Circle CI, Semaphore etc.

This is Docker based solution. The main idea is to be CI server agnostic and set up build process for less than 15 minutes. There is possibility to choose what do you want to run e.g. unit tests, code coverage, roslint checks.

More information and links to documentation can be found here

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