Kinect 2 : Failed to create opengl window [closed]

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I'm trying to follow the iai_kinect2 tutorial which uses kinect 2 for ROS.

I encountered a problem when executing rosrun kinect2_bridge kinect2_bridge where I have the following output:

parameter: base_name: kinect2 sensor: fps_limit: -1 calib_path: /home/roma/kinect2_ws/src/iai_kinect2/kinect2_bridge/data/ use_png: false jpeg_quality: 90 png_level: 1 depth_method: opengl depth_device: -1 reg_method: opencl reg_devive: -1 max_depth: 12 min_depth: 0.1 queue_size: 2 bilateral_filter: true edge_aware_filter: true publish_tf: false base_name_tf: kinect2 worker_threads: 4

[OpenGLDepthPacketProcessor] Failed to create opengl window.

The main problem seems to be on the package of libfreenect2 which is a dependency of iai_kinect2.

I successfully installed libfreenect2 , however, when executing ./bin/Protonect in the designated folder, I get the following information:

[Freenect2Impl] enumerating devices... [Freenect2Impl] 12 usb devices connected [Freenect2Impl] found valid Kinect v2 @4:7 with serial 034427151247 [Freenect2Impl] found 1 devices [OpenGLDepthPacketProcessor] Failed to create opengl window.

It seems that the core problem is with opengl, but I downloaded an Opengl tutorial from and can launch at least an blank opengl window without any problem.

Does anyone have any idea of what is happening here?

Thanks in advance!


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I am also getting the same error. Is anyone working in this?

KDROS gravatar image KDROS  ( 2015-08-14 02:09:43 -0500 )edit

I have the same error too. Have you solved it?

smithers gravatar image smithers  ( 2015-08-31 07:03:48 -0500 )edit

@Robopreneur@smithers i'm working with the Kinect 2 and i was having a similar problem. When i ran the kinect2_viewer i just got worked the rgb camera, and for the ir/depth camera i just was seeing a black window. So, i installed the latest drivers for my graphic card and it solved my problem.

jaam002 gravatar image jaam002  ( 2015-08-31 09:08:02 -0500 )edit

Where you able to solve this ? I am running into similar problem. I'm trying to run ibfreenect 2 on Intel NUC -NUC5i7RYH with Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS

pnambiar gravatar image pnambiar  ( 2016-04-12 13:50:13 -0500 )edit