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3D mapping using octomap + Kinect

asked 2015-07-21 23:48:13 -0600

jwlifly gravatar image

hi , everyone i'm new to ros and i try to create a 3d map. Now I have a question about 3D mapping using OctoMap , which has annoyed me for a few weeks. Each time, I build a map with Microsoft XBOX 360 ,I always have the last scene not the global scene like the link When I run the .launch file , I debug the programs using rostopic list , then use rostopic ehco /octomap_full etc , but no data outputs.

Also what more frustrates me is that topic /narrow_stereo/points_filtered2 remapped from cloud_in does not output data , which I think cloud_in is not output anything data or even octomap_server doesn't work at all . In rviz, when I choose the topic /octomap_point_cloud_centers of PointCloud2, there is no image , but /camera/depth/points or /camera/depth_registered/points does. Maybe the tf transform is not right,either.

I really don't know how to solve the problem. I hope someone can help me solve the problem. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The detail of list and launch file is following.

hustrobot@hustrobot-desktop:~$ roswtf WARNING: Package name "swig-wx" does not follow the naming conventions. It should start with a lower case letter and only contain lower case letters, digits and underscores.

No package or stack in context

Static checks summary:

No errors or warnings

Beginning tests of your ROS graph. These may take awhile... analyzing graph... ... done analyzing graph running graph rules... ... done running graph rules

Online checks summary:

Found 2 warning(s). Warnings are things that may be just fine, but are sometimes at fault

WARNING The following node subscriptions are unconnected: * /octomap_server: * /narrow_stereo/points_filtered2 * /hector_height_mapping: * /syscommand

WARNING The following nodes are unexpectedly connected: * /octomap_server->/rviz (/octomap_point_cloud_centers)

hustrobot@hustrobot-desktop:~$ rostopic list /camera/depth/camera_info /camera/depth/disparity /camera/depth/image /camera/depth/image/compressed /camera/depth/image/compressed/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image/compressed/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image/compressedDepth /camera/depth/image/compressedDepth/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image/compressedDepth/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image/theora /camera/depth/image/theora/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image/theora/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_raw /camera/depth/image_raw/compressed /camera/depth/image_raw/compressed/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_raw/compressed/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_raw/compressedDepth /camera/depth/image_raw/compressedDepth/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_raw/compressedDepth/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_raw/theora /camera/depth/image_raw/theora/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_raw/theora/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_rect /camera/depth/image_rect/compressed /camera/depth/image_rect/compressed/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_rect/compressed/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_rect/compressedDepth /camera/depth/image_rect/compressedDepth/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_rect/compressedDepth/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_rect/theora /camera/depth/image_rect/theora/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_rect/theora/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_rect_raw /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/compressed /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/compressed/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/compressed/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/compressedDepth /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/compressedDepth/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/compressedDepth/parameter_updates /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/theora /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/theora/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/image_rect_raw/theora/parameter_updates /camera/depth/points /camera/depth/rectify_depth/parameter_descriptions /camera/depth/rectify_depth/parameter_updates /camera/depth_registered/camera_info /camera/depth_registered/disparity /camera/depth_registered ... (more)

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answered 2015-08-27 12:45:21 -0600

imranlivt gravatar image

updated 2015-08-27 13:06:41 -0600

From what i understand, Octomap is not a 3D reconstruction or alignment tool. Given the transformations between pointclouds, it integrates the pointclouds into a 3D map. It builds 3D occupancy maps which can be used for 3d navigation.

As given in roswiki page of octomap_server. cloud_in (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2): Incoming 3D point cloud for scan integration. You need to remap this topic to your sensor data and provide a tf transform between the sensor data and the static map frame.

It needs the TF data from some other source such as RGBSLAM or CCNY_RGBD or RTABMAP. You can have a look at them.

Please correct me if i am wrong

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sorry to answer you so late. you're right .After I remap the topic, it does work. thanks.

jwlifly gravatar image jwlifly  ( 2016-01-22 02:46:55 -0600 )edit

hi jwlifly!

can you please summarize what you did there? I want to make a 3d map using kinect only! and then use it to let other swarm robots (who doesn't have any sensors) to navigate safely in the map.

my email is: Facebook: thanks

VEGETA gravatar image VEGETA  ( 2016-05-27 08:28:59 -0600 )edit

Hello I am facing the same issues. How do you remap the topic to sensor data? Also, how to provide a TF transform between the sensor data and the static map frame? I'm new to this please help!

cuda gravatar image cuda  ( 2016-12-03 00:40:54 -0600 )edit

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