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Maybe my question is a bit dump because I am very new to hector slam and even to ROS. I have installed ROS and hector slam (indigo). When I was trying to do the tutorial, after I typed "roslaunch hector_slam_launch tutorial.launch" and press enter, Rviz started fine with no error. I can rotate the grid and saw Global Status is in red text (no data feeding into Rviz).

Then I typed "rosbag play Team_Hector_MappingBox_RoboCup_2011_Rescue_Arena.bag --clock" in another console and there is no error shown. I could see the [RUNNING] line being showed and I guess the data is being fed to Rviz?

However, there is nothing shown in Rviz, I can still rotate the grid but there is no map being created. Also, I saw the Global Status became green and there was a check sign. I could also see the "ROS Elapsed" at the bottom is running.

When I added a TF, I could see two coordinates moving but there is just no map.

Can anyone help me on this please? Thanks

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If this is a duplicate of Nothing shown in rviz when doing hector_slam mapping tutorial, please close this question.

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Closed. Thanks for the reminder.

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