Where are the indigo repositories for gazebo_ros_pkgs?

asked 2015-04-11 07:55:16 -0600

Sietse gravatar image

I probably an stupid, but if I do for example

rosinstall_generator desktop_full pr2_moveit_tutorials  pr2_gazebo   ros_control  ros_controllers pr2_simulator moveit_planners ompl moveit_visual_tools --rosdistro indigo --deps --wet-o\
nly  > indigo-desktop-full-wet.rosinstall

Why do I see in the file:

- git:
    local-name: gazebo_ros_pkgs/gazebo_msgs
    uri: https://github.com/ros-gbp/gazebo_ros_pkgs-release.git
    version: release/indigo/gazebo_msgs/2.4.8-0

but NOT the sub-package gazebo_ros_control?

The consequence of which is that this package is not included. How do I get the proper install of gazebo_ros_pkgs using the rosinstall_generator, or otherwise?

Thanks in advance, SIetse

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