razor_imu_9dof stick orientation

asked 2015-03-09 13:57:12 -0600

P Tiago P gravatar image

The stick version the G/M/A axes are not aligned and are inverted (bottom board)


versus the board:


Firmware axes adjustments (sensors.ino)

For all the boards: A=> x = y; y=x; z=z; G=> x = -y; y =-x; z = -z;

For the 10724: M=> x = x; y = -y; z=-z;

1) What should be the stick alignment ?

if both boards are aligned horizontal text:

Board: x (down) / y (right) / z (counterclockwise)

stick: invert horizontal axes(bottom print) we have:

G=> x (up) / y(left) / z (counterclockwise) A=> y (left) / x(down) M=> x(left) / y(down)

and looking to the firmware the only existent adjustment (HW__VERSION_CODE == 10724) is done over the magnet readings, but the Gyro and Accel are not aligned, shouldn't the firmware adjust those two ?



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