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accessing other sensors in real-time controller

asked 2015-02-26 16:02:37 -0600

gustavogoretkin gravatar image

From a real-time controller, I can access joint positions and motor current. How would I access wrist accelerometer data and Force-Torque data in a real-time way. I will not be able to subscribe to the topics that publish those sensors from the real-time loop.

My guess is that I have to modify the ethercat driver here: so that the force/torque and acceleration measurements are available not only through the topic.

I am trying to follow the pathway from encoder counts, to joint position, through pr2_mechanism_model, since joint positions are accessible from the real-time loop, and use that as an example of how I'd use the sensors.

I realize I can design a non-real-time control loop that subscribes to any topic.

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answered 2015-03-11 11:31:19 -0600

gustavogoretkin gravatar image

pr2_hardware_interface provides the necesssary API [1]

This tutorial [2] fleshes out an example of how to access the accelerometer from the real-time loop. The Force-Torque sensor provides a similar interface, so long as you have a version of pr2_ethercat_drivers that exposes the sensor [3].




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