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Why are topics remapped when used with controllers?

asked 2015-02-09 06:21:16 -0500

arennuit gravatar image

updated 2015-02-09 06:22:42 -0500

Hi all,

When using the UR5 package from ROS industrial, there is a python script called which is used to generate a joint trajectory fed to the controllers. When this script is used remapping is used hence the command line for this script is the following:

./ follow_joint_trajectory:=arm_controller/follow_joint_trajectory

I have noticed that topics are often remapped when used with controllers. Is there any specific reason why?



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answered 2015-02-09 06:57:37 -0500

dornhege gravatar image

The somewhat obvious reason would be: Because the script and the controller don't use the same action namespace. Why they don't use the same name is somewhat guess work that the creators can answer. One reason might be that there is not standard/default name and "it just happened".

For arm controllers a reason could be that a standard name isn't possible because there might be multi-arm robots, e.g. left and right. In that case I'd prefer a simple name like just follow_joint_trajectory to remap from.

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Hum... It feels to me you are on the right track when you say it makes it possible to address different controllers with the same script. Thanks!

arennuit gravatar image arennuit  ( 2015-02-09 07:56:12 -0500 )edit

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