ros_vrpn_client error

asked 2015-01-21 14:55:46 -0500

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I am currently trying to get ros_vrpn_client to recieve rigid body data streamed from optitrack's Motive Tracker, working on ros indigo running on ubuntu 14.04. when i run the code

$rosrun ros_vrpn_client ros_vrpn_client __name:=RigidBody1 _vrpn_server_ip:= _vrpn_port:=3883 vrpn_server_ip:

i get back

vrpn_server_ip: vrpn_port:3883 check_vrpn_cookie(): VRPN Note: minor version number doesn't match: (prefer 'vrpn: ver. 07.28', got 'vrpn: ver. 07.20 0'). This is not normally a problem. has anyone encountered similar errors? The version i am running of ros_vrpn_client I am trying to run is from

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