Could I record the encoder data of the Turtlebot without the help of "odom topic " ?

asked 2015-01-12 07:22:33 -0500

tanghz gravatar image

Sorry to disturb everyone! But I really can't find any useful means.

I want to get and record the encoder data from the kobuki platform directly instead of running a node to receive them from the Odom Topic.

However, I have been trying since several days ago, and till now I have no any ideas. The reason I do this is, well, It is a long story.

Many days ago, I buyed a cheap laser lidar which named RPLidar, I wanted to use it replace the kinect while gmapping, as I think I will get a better map using the RPLidar. However, to my surprise, the map I get is so blurried! I have tried any method I could think, well, nothing helped me.

Of course, there is another way to build a map, Hector Mapping, I have tried the Hector Mapping + RPLidar and I really get a good map. But, my teacher wants me to realize Gmapping + RPLidar, and, well, he told me recording all the data that Gmapping needs, and then try the original Gmapping which is not the Gmapping that ROS gives us......

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