kobuki auto-docking problems

asked 2015-01-06 06:30:49 -0600

Bilbo gravatar image


my Kobuki have a problem to dock the docking-station, when it is not on the front of the Robot.

More precise:

When the Robot is not in the center of the docking-station. It move to the center of the docking-station and turn with the front to the docking-station, this is ok, but when it now move to the docking-station the rotation of the robot is wrong and it fail the center of the docking-station. New the robot correct it in the moment it is on the docking-station and drive over the foot of the docking-station.

My question is: Who can I configure the auto-docking-mod? Or what must I configure for the auto-docking-mod works correctly?

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