Who can repair the Teleop Node tutorial?

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I am trying to learn how to control a robot. First task being joystick control I was working through the tutorial at http://wiki.ros.org/joy/Tutorials/Wri...

I ran into a number of problems with this page that were difficult to untangle, but I am too much of a beginner to be mucking around with modifying tutorials at this time. I am running "ubuntu 14.04 LTS" and "ROS indigo".

This already has a couple of complaints about needing updates, but I had issues with other things on the page:

  1. This is a beginner tutorial, it should not assume that I remember where files go within my workspace. It should tell me what to name the files being creates with full path from an assumed new package name. A statement like "Create package turtle_telejoy" would make sense.

  2. I do not seem to be able to find any kind of beginner tutorial regarding launch files, where does the launch directory go that is created in section 1.6 of the tutorial? It took a lot of effort to determine that "launch/turtle_joy.launch" should actually have been "turtle_telejoy/src/turtle_joy/launch/turtle_joy.launch" assuming that the package I created for the tutorial was called "turtle_telejoy"

  3. The launch file has an error on line 9: type="joy" should read type="joy_node"

  4. Section 1.3 made no sense to me. I chased a bunch of things down and cam up with a couple of things:

    a. Add the following lines to CMakeLists.txt file: add_executable(turtle_teleop_joy turtle_teleop_joy.cpp) target_link_libraries(turtle_teleop_joy ${catkin_LIBRARIES})

    b. cd to the package root directory turtle_telejoy

    c. catkin_make

  5. Some explanation of the launch file content would be useful so that I could modify it to match my particular joystick would also be useful. I am not sure if launch files are a beginner topic or not. The only tutorial I found was intermediate and not very helpful.

On a positive note the link provided to the tutorial at http://wiki.ros.org/joy/Tutorials/Con... was extremely helpful.

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